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2022〜2023スノーシーズン 再始動開始!
コロナ禍でこの2年間、立ち止まっていましたが、Dancing Snowは2022〜2023スノーシーズンに向けて再スタートします!ただいま、皆さんと一緒に安全にスノーツアーを楽しめる内容で新しいウェブサイトを制作中。もうしばらくお待ちください。 See you soon!

Enjoy a day out in Myoko's beautiful backcountry
(no experience needed!)
Just a short walk away from the Dancing Snow center is a remarkable, natural world. One of the most enjoyable ways to access the pristine forest is on light telemark gear that lets you both climb up and have fun sliding down. Anyone can do it; there are runs through the woods that make it fun and safe for every guest. We also have some unique ski/snowshoe hybrids for those who don't feel confident about traveling on skis—and even snowshoes for those who just want to walk through the woods.

Partway through, we'll stop to make a snow table and enjoy a hot lunch—usually cheese fondue, but we can change the menu if needed (either way we'll have some wine for "cooking" as well). We'll then start skiing back through the woods, on a safe and fun course ideal for your abilities. If you have ski experience, we may find some interesting slopes to ski down; if you're a beginner, we'll find some easy, gentle slopes. And everyone will see countless animal tracks—sometimes the animals themselves—and birds, and get a taste of backcountry ski touring.

Great for groups and families, and for anyone who wants to get away from the sounds and people of the slopes. To arrange for a snow hiking session, please contact us at least two days in advance so we can prepare the materials needed.
Snow hiking is available throughout the season.
We can often hike even when there isn't enough snow for peak tours—we know some good courses!

Spring is also an excellent time to go snow hiking, even as late as early May.

Just let us know in advance (preferably a week or so—but feel free to ask!) so that we can arrange for the guide and materials.
Number in your group:
5 or more¥10,000/person
Please read and understand the following before taking part in a tour:
1. Depending on weather and snow conditions, tour destinations may be changed, or the tour cancelled.
2. Backcountry skiing and snowboarding involves the risk of injury or death. For that reason, we require all guests to sign a waiver before taking part in backcountry activities (a pdf version can be found here). At the same time, our guides have training in first aid, avalanche forecasting and rescue, and are dedicated to providing the most enjoyable, well-planned experience possible
3. Every Dancing Snow client is automatically included in our group insurance policy at no additional charge (please contact us if you would like more details on coverage). We also strongly suggest that all those taking part in backcountry tours have their own active insurance policy which covers outdoor activities.

Note on personal information
To ensure the privacy of our guests, we do ask for personal information including telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc., as part of registration for lessons and tours. We will not use this information for anything other than this purpose, nor will we release any personal information to any third parties.